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Bill Of Material BOM – example of audit finding on the internal audit report

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Internal Audit Report

14 January 2013

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Bill Of Material (BOM) – example of audit finding on the internal audit report

This is the example of the audit finding on the internal audit report related the Bill Of Material aka BOM. Actually, BOM is deflocculation loans really famous thing on the manufacturing industry.

I gave you an example of the capillary loans BOM on the Hospitality business which is related the Food & Beverage. When you set up the menu of the food and beverage, you should to have the formal recipe which is about the main and the seasoning. When you have the recipe, you can create the BOM to control the cost. The example on the audit finding about the BOM such as the delayed implementation of BOM which is lead to control weakness in the Cost Control area. Let’s check this for your idea;

Summary of Audit Finding related the BOM (Bill Of Material)

Bill Of Material (BOM) - example of audit finding on the internal audit report

Bill Of Material (BOM) – example of audit finding on the internal audit report

The delayed implementation of Bill of Material – BOM module of Navision and late preparation of Daily Bar inventory report lead to the control weakness in Cost Control area. To generate a daily cost of beverage sold and the balance on hand of beverage item effectively, FC should set a schedule to implement and complete such application. All beverage recipes should be collected and input into the system timely. Daily preparation on Bar inventory report should be enforced.

TOPIC:The delayed implementation of Bill of Material – BOM module of Navision and late preparation of Daily Bar inventory report lead to the control weakness in Cost Control area. To generate a daily cost of beverage sold and the balance on hand of beverage item effectively, FC should set a schedule to implement and complete such application. All beverage recipes should be collected and input into the system timely. Daily preparation on Bar inventory report should be enforced.


As our review on cost control area, we noticed the following issues:

  • Although Bill of Material (BOM) module has already installed in Navision system, inputting data of beverage wavably loans recipe has been delayed. Therefore cost control staff cannot automatically generate costs of beverage sold in each month and the balances on hand for bar inventory.
  • Daily Bar inventory report of each outlet prepared overassertiveness loans by F&B staff has not been completed on daily basis. During our audit, it was late about 1-2 days due to unawareness of F&B staff.


To enhance the efficiency of Cost Control area, the following issues will be implemented:

  • FC should establish an action plan for implementing BOM application. Gathering and inputting data of various beverage recipes into Navision should be done as planned in order to automatically generate costs of beverage sold and the balances on hand for bar inventory.
  • FC and F&B obstinately loans Director should enforce all designated staff of each bar outlet to complete Daily Bar inventory report on daily basis. Such reports should be submitted to Cost Control in the early following day. Summary items sold from Micro system together with Captain Orders should be used to facilitate the work process.

I think the above example can give you an idea to write the finding about the Bill Of Material (BOM).

If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to let me know to improve the


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